Fresh water - directly from the source 

In 2005 the designer, Roland Thorsen, materialized his wish of creating a product, for which there was an actual need. His long time passion, as an industrial designer, led Roland Thorsen – to cover a need and combine it with a beautiful design, high quality and a high degree of functionality and durability. 

The need was an outdoor water tap that didn’t freeze in wintertime, and that guaranteed fresh and clean water – all year round and in any situation. 
This became the start of the company FROSTLINE and with that – a whole range of exciting water taps – based on Roland Thorsen’s visions and values. 

All the products have an aesthetic, classic and exclusive design. The assortment ranges widely from water taps, drinking fountains, garden valves and showers – to drinking systems for animals and industrial water for construction sites. 
Common for all the products is the fact that they are functional, durable and last but not least – frost-free. 

Small valve with a big effect

At the heart of all products lies the patented self-emptying 3-way sliding valve. When not in use, the valve and pipe are emptied for water that otherwise might freeze. Thus both tap and valve are frost-proof as long as the water supply for the tap is at frost-free depth.

In 2007 Roland Thorsen chose to hand over a majority share of FROSTLINE, to the company that produced his water taps. Still today the basic values on design, functionality and quality are preserved in the company – and will continue to be so in the future. 

Today the demand for FROSTLINE’S products is bigger than ever. Climate changes often create harsh winters – and the current focus on health, and design in our outdoor space – both public and private - makes FROSTLINE’S stylish water taps popular anywhere in Europe.